Friday, 31 August 2012

“Barth Nnaji did not commit any offence. He is very competent” – Jonathan

Amidst the suspicions and controversies surrounding the resignation of the power minister of the country, Professor , President Goodluck  has exonerated the Prof. of any misdeeds.
The president had been  a town hall meeting organized as part of activities marking his one-day state visit to State on Thursday. He said the former minister did not commit any offence, however he needed to step aside to allow credibility and level playing ground for the  programme..

According to the president, “He did not commit any offence. He is very competent. But we are doing. To make sure there is credibility, somebody must step aside… Some persons told me that some companies have already been shared and I said no. In previous , some errors were made and the country is suffering for it… We have demonstrated that  the political level, we need to replicate it in the industrial sector; he has to step aside… We will get a competent person to replace him.”
This corroborates the story of the out gone minister who maintained that he has done nothing wrong, and that he will rather leave Nigerians and History to judge him.

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