Monday, 27 August 2012

Unbelievably True: Nurse Who Has 100 Orgasms A Day

Before you start wondering what would make a woman have that much of an orgasm in 24 hrs or start laughing out loud, this is no funny matter but one that calls for deep reflections as it has more to do with a medical condition than libido..
Kim Ramse, 44, a Nurse is plagued by a medical condition that gives her up to 100 orgasms a day. She feels constantly aroused and the slightest movement can trigger a climax. Trains, driving and even housework start the reaction. But unlike women who yearn for the “Yes, yes!” experience, Kim just thinks “Oh no!”

The orgasms leave her in pain, exhausted and unable to have a normal relationship. She said: “Other women wonder how to have an orgasm — I wonder how to stop mine.”

Kim was diagnosed with incurable Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). Doctors blame spinal cysts caused when she fell down stairs ten years ago. Although the sensations experienced during PGAD may seem like arousal, they are not actually based in any sexual desire, thoughts or behaviour, and it is unconnected to libido.

Kim who now lives in New Jersey, US, first had problems after sex with a new boyfriend in 2008. She said: “I had constant orgasms for four days. I thought I was going mad. It also happened with a new partner and I even tried sitting on frozen peas.”

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