Friday, 14 September 2012

A MUST READ; Wife Changed Her Cheating Husband for Good

A woman who's husband was a chronic womanizer told me how she changed him.
The man's case was so bad that he would sometimes have his girl friend in the car when he goes to pick his wife and kids from church. She even moved out of the house a few times yet the man kept cheating..

I met her recently and she was cruising in this lovely Ranger rover Autobiography. She was looking so happy, this was a woman that was perpetually sad and was even beginning to age. I had to ask her wsup? How oga and d kids? It was then she revealed to me that her hubby bought her this car and even now attends social functions with her. He is always at home now and most times takes her and the kids out for shopping, visiting, holidays etc.

I had to ask her the secret, that is when she told me how she managed to finally change him by.

1. Ignoring him, she stopped complaining even when he doesn't come home for days.
2. She never denied him sex even with his cheating habit though she insisted on protection which the man always obliged.
3. She kept his room and clothes clean and always prepared his meals.

According to her, the husband called her one day and asked why she pretends not to notice his womanizing anymore. She told him that it doesn't bother her again as long as she is the one officially married to him. Few days later she started noticing a change.

My reason for this narration is to encourage women who have husbands that are dogs to try out this method. Sometimes men hate being challenged and may want to teach the wife a lesson. If it can work for her it can work for others.

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