Monday, 3 September 2012

Ghanaian Alleged Prostitute Goes Public (PHOTO)

The incident of pornography which has hit parts of the country lately is gaining root in Tamale, the Northern regional capital with involvement of some indigenes aged between 18 and 25.

Some known women circulates their nude Pictures in a number of hotels within the Tamale Metropolis in their bid to attract clients.
It has also been established that the said girls were commercial sex workers operating under the guise of being businesswoman in the city and they were always seen hovering round some notable chiefs. The picture album with various poses of the nude girls showcasing their private parts, had telephone numbers written below them.Investigations revealed that the ladies had been identified as Awula, Hiba, Latifa and Aisha. The pictures however found their way into the public domain and were being circulated on mobile phones and other social media networks which had resulted in two of the ladies fleeing Tamale.

A source at one of the hotels which preferred anonymity said the album was always show to customers who called for the services of commercial sex workers. Such clients after viewing the album, called for the services of the harlots who were believed to be charging GH150 and GH200.

According to the source, they were believed to render services only to expatriates and sometimes persons they perceived to be wealthy. Prominent Muslim leaders and scholars had condemned the practice in the region and called on the authorities to track down the said girls, claiming their conduct might bring curses on the entire religion.

This also came to light in the wake of reports of the proliferation of prostitution camps in the regional capital despite reports on the increasing infection rate of the deadly HIV virus. The metropolis which until now was described as a Muslim enclave and a decent area, had for the past yeas witnessed the proliferation of these brothels. Victory cinema was one of the popular sports where these nocturnal activities took place.

When the area was visited, it was revealed that women aged between 25 and 40 were actively engaged in the business. It was also gathered that prominent hotels within the metropolis hired the services of the prostitutes each time they had high ranking guests. The hotels, it was gathered, acted as agents who were paid commissions and were believed to be undertaking the recruitment exercise for the prostitutes for sister hotels elsewhere in Ghana.

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