Saturday, 29 September 2012

Man Sues Ex-Wife For Stealing His Sperm

An Emirati man is suing his Russian ex-wife for stealing his frozen sperm to get pregnant without his knowledge..
spermThe man from Abu Dhabi said that shortly before their divorce, his Russian wife was secretly inseminated with his sperm at a clinic where they had earlier sought fertility treatment. The couple split less than three weeks later, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. “I am angry it was done without my knowledge. I want justice. This is not acceptable,” he said. The couple, who have not been named, were desperate for a baby during their four-year marriage and twice sought fertility treatment at a clinic in the UAE without success. As the marriage was falling apart, the wife went to Russia where she underwent further fertility treatment without telling him. The claimant told Abu Dhabi Appeals Court when his wife returned to the UAE, she went back to the original clinic and forged his signature on forms consenting to the use of his sperm in storage. He only discovered he had become a father four months after the divorce when she told his friend about it. Daily Mail

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