Saturday, 15 September 2012

Nigerian Celebrities Caught BUYING Twitter Followers

After noticing so much in the world of twitter obviously, everywherenigeria had some serious points to deliver to us as regards celebrities who were sensed to have been involved one way or the other in getting followers by crook. One cannot say illegally but seriously it is way beyond what the social network was designed for.
As Twitter continues to grow in popularity, more and more Nigerian celebs use the number of followers they have as a badge to show how ‘popular’ and ‘relevant’ they are. But for our Nigerian celebrities, a lot them have been found out to be buying fake followers for as low as one Naira, (N1)..

In fact, the more followers a celeb has and the more relevant he/she is perceived as being, the more money he or she stands to make, as he or she can convert this ‘popularity’ status into endorsements, higher fees for concerts/appearances, and other financial and ego benefits (more followers) from the ‘gullible’ public and corporations.
Gaining such popularity is easy, as Twitter followers can be obtained at the minuscule rate of N1,000 for as many as 5,000 followers.
An expert ib this field reveals that ” Searching google for “buy Twitter followers” turns up hundreds of Web sites like TwitterStreet.com, followermrket.com, and intertwitter.com all of whom provide followers at a price, since “9ja no dey carry last,” local Twitter follower merchants like @Demolaexpoze have also emerged, offering to: “sell you another indulgence, be it Brands, Models, Upcoming artistes, Actors, Entertainment Moguls, Icon of references, New Portfolios, Celebrities, Personalities, Icon, Politician or whatever, this is an opportunity to buy Twitter followers in Nigeria for just N1 (one naira) per follower.”
For the lists of those Nigerian artistes who have indulged in such acts, he said “For the record we can’t prove or disprove that anyone has paid for fake twitter followers or obtained them via other means, we however feel that thousands of fake followers don’t attach themselves to random twitter accounts on their own volition, but that’s just us.
All we’re doing is presenting our findings while allowing you to reach your own conclusions.
With fake followers ranging from 2% to 71% for Nigerian celebs, We are certain the results will surprise you as much as they surprised us.” He concluded


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