Friday, 15 February 2013

Prostitute Quits Work, Becomes Born Again, Now Looking For A Husband

A Self-confessed prostitute in Zimbabwe has seen the light and is seeking to settle down.
In an unsolicited interview, 34-year-old Memory Mudzinganyama said she was hopeful for a better future. She has also decided to seek sanctuary in church where she plans to be a born again Christian..

Narrating her life story, Memory said she turned to ‘high vending’ after her first marriage broke down in 2002. She was disheartened and had a bad perception of marriage.
“I only left church after my failed marriage. s*x work has taken all my dignity and I want to repent. I have lost respect even from my family,” narrated the ‘retiring’ hooker.
Memory, a mother of two girls aged 13 and 16 said she is searching for a nice man prepared to settle with her and her children.
“I believe God still loves me but what put me off was what people would say when I pass through church doors. It is only hard times that are forcing me to sell s*x. Prostitution is not in me and I have earned many enemies because I get many clients. I am the one who left my husband for his abusive behaviour.
“My other fear is that, different men frequent this place and some of them demand unprotected s*x for more money which might risk me in contracting HIV and AIDS. I am prepared to be tested as many times with my new lover and seek spiritual guidance to be delivered from all I have gone through. I am a sinner, Lord help me,” she said while shedding tears.

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