Monday, 27 May 2013

is it OK for young married couples to have separate bedrooms?

My marriage is 4 years old and lately, I’ve been considering moving into another room. Of course there are reasons for this however, there are two things stopping me:

1. My parents have been married for 40 years and have never had different bedrooms. They’ve had their issues and probably still do but every time you enter their room, you find them gisting away. Somehow, I think not splitting rooms has kinda helped their friendship over the years.
2. In marriage class, we were taught that it is best for couples at all stages in marriage to share a room and that the smaller the bed, the better. That way, no matter how upset you are with each other, you must see each other and remain in close proximity till the issue is sorted.
I would like my own sanctuary where I can stay and cool off and just BE but I’m afraid that we could slowly drift apart and become like the average married couple who only see and speak when necessary or when it concerns the kids. I would really like to know what people’s experiences are.

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