Thursday, 30 May 2013

"Our Intimate Life Is Just Like A Po3n Movie" - Says Woman Who Is Married To A S3x Addict

At the end of another long day and with the kids in bed, mum Nicola Merriman wanted nothing more than an early night...

But as husband Mark snuggled beside her under the duvet, it was clear he had other ideas.
Nicola, 27, rolled over, ignoring his advances — and an argument erupted.
She had satisfied Mark’s demands FIVE TIMES that day and was miffed about being pestered yet again.
Mark’s insatiable sexual appetite was in fact a full-blown sex addiction and it almost wrecked their marriage.

Nicola even went as far as breaking up with him having grown tired of his endless demands for nookie.
If Mark, 36, didn’t get enough sex, he would throw a strop — and he even CHEATED on Nicola in order to get his fix.
The pair, who have since managed to patch things up, have decided to share their experience of what it is like to live with sex addiction to raise awareness of the condition.
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