Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What Can I Do To Make A Girl Dump Me?

I keep wondering this, when I read ,share stories with friends I keep hearing how it feels to get dumped or how it feels for a girl to say its over...

I want to get the experience but why can't any girl dump me nor say its over, why am I always the one saying its over and doing the dumping

Am this kind of guy that have one purpose of having a gf which is 5ex, and when I get it plenty from a particular person then I feel its time to leave but out of pity I can't just be that blunt and callous to say its over when she never did anything wrong

The more worse I get to make her break it the more she loves me, I even went to an extend of flaunting other chicks yet they stays,despite I have no money(jobless graduate)

What can I do to make a girl dump me so I won't be blamed because I have one on my neck now, I have gotten my share from her Womanliness then its time to leave so I want her to leave by her self..click Here to join

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