Thursday, 27 June 2013


And so friends this is how these girls blew their nyash open on instagram. ok! i don't know these girls personally (apparently because im never the type of guy that pays a girl 20k for sex....ebe lux na premier dikwa very faithful to our relationship), but ive hard their names and seen em a couple of times, back then in secondary school and after secondary school im talking 2005, 2006, 2007, they were popular girls and all...all hot chicks, guys will get hard-ons from just a hug from thse girls and will forever talk about them. FGCE hot babes... i cant stop laughing typing this shit (sorry my niggas from fedi but a nigga gats catch a lil fun off this shit). so they were seen as big girls... ndi mmemme, didnt know that as flavour motivates the guys drinking at abari ogwa and toscana...these girls motivates in saloon hotel and 8hours...flexing fat hang bags, heels, human hair and gadgets. i talked about these ills on my poem "on a hookers heels"... odi egwu o! lmao... well i thought they had class until dey went all Tonto Dike and Cossy Orjiakor on instagram....well, this was how it went down! hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. seriously someone shd stop me from laughing! ike okuko kpuhee hia pure!! ara gbaa'm pure! ndi okooko ana display... oya display!! lwkmd

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