Thursday, 27 June 2013

HELP! “I Caught My Husband Having s*x With Another Man”

I just found out that my husband is completely gay....

I caught him red-handed in the act last night. I told him I was going for a night duty and unfortunately, my car broke down and I couldn’t make it down to work and had to tell another nurse to cover up for me.
I had to leave my car on the spot, because there was nothing I could do at that late hour. However, some night watch-men agreed to help me look after it. I got back into the house and to avoid waking up my husband and children, I crept in quietly. As I stepped into our room, there he was! My dear husband was receiving at the rear from another man.
I have never witnessed such a messy sight. I should have suspected he was into such acts because sometimes we can go for weeks without having s*x.
I am confused here, what do I do?

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