Thursday, 27 June 2013

"I Am Pregnant For My Sugar-daddy And Engaged To My Fiance"

i will like to go straight to the point cause i need your advice right now more than ever...

I have this man that has been helping me out financially and he has been begging me to have a child for him that he will send me to any country to have my child.

Although he has children with his wife but he said he want more children which the wife refused to give him. I have been insisting we use protection, but he always insist on skin to skin.

Recently i noticed that i missed my period, so when i told him he gave me money for the test and said if it is positive i should DECIDE WHAT TO DO AND LET HIM KNOW. On my own side i don't really want to commit any sin by abortion cause my only brother who is married for the past 10yrs is childless and I'm thinking if i can have this child for my brother/family.

Secondly my fiancee who is a pastor, wants us to get married before the end of the year.

Please what should i do should?

Do I explain things to him or just do things my way i.e relocating to somewhere else to have this child including abandoning my education and work?

please i need your advice.

please advice and not insult.

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