Monday, 19 August 2013

#BBATheChase HoH: Melvin, The Last Leader

Biggie issued a brief that Zambian beauty Cleo had to read out to her fellow Housemates. But before she could begin, she reiterated Biggie’s warning against Housemates for language infringement in the House and stressed that if they continue to do this, it could cost them the USD 300 000....
It seems like the Housemates have received quite a lot of warnings from Biggie this season, particularly warning them about the use of their home languages when they are in the House. Today Biggie called Cleo into the Diary Room and told her to warn the Housemates, yet again.

Due to the Eviction of this week’s HoH Bimp, a new Head of House had to be chosen. The runner up on last week’s HoH challenge Angelo would have been the fitting candidate but he too has been Evicted. So Biggie chose Melvin to be the leader of the pack in their final week, much to his delight. Melvin jokingly told his fellow Housemates that he will swap all of them as they also rejoiced in his promotion. Congratulations to Melvin, the last leader of The Chase.

Why do you think Biggie chose Melvin to be the last HoH?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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