Monday, 19 August 2013

#BBATheChase: I Fought Beverly Because She Wanted More Sex – Angelo

The South African house mate was evicted yesterday alongside Bimp. One major highlight of his stay was sex with the Nigerian vixen Beverly, who herself has been a source of controversy...

Angelo who approach 5 of the ladies in the house, said during the eviction interview that Beverly kissed him first before he kissed Beverly. “I like Beverly because she is a strong woman and she would go for whatever she wants”. He also emphasised that his relationship with Beverly was initiated by Beverly, when asked if the relationship was initiated or induced. Although he stated he loved Beverly.

When quizzed about why they fought he said, Beverly wanted more. “Beverly told me it has been over one week since we last did it (referring to the sex in the bathtub) but i said NO. I promised my mother i would not do such, so i can’t do it again”.

After Angelo and Bimp were evicted yesterday, there remain 5 house mates including the Nigerian duo of Beverly and Melvin.

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