Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Jobless Husband Impregnated Another Woman Twice -Ex-Banker • I Was Only Testing My Fertility - Husband

A former banker, Mrs. Regina Onus, has appealed to a Lagos Customary Court sitting in Alakuko to dissolve her 12-year union with her husband, Mr. Pylons Onus, over allegations of infidelity.
40-year-old Regina told the court that the 12-year-old union did not produce any child, and that there was no longer any love in their marriage....

She insisted that Pylons, her husband, is irresponsible; that he betrays her and does not care for her. She said that since she got married to him, she had been the one taking care of the home as she was the only one working.
Regina said that she was the one that acquired and paid rent for their apartment, but that this did not stop her husband from cheating on her with other women.
She alleged further that Pylons was so notorious with his infidelity that he impregnated another woman twice, while she (Regina) was trying to get pregnant.
"I was hopeful after the marriage that I would have my own child. I spent all my money on trying to have a child, but my husband never cared. Four years into our marriage, my husband impregnated a woman and then four years later, he impregnated her again, making two children, while I was hoping to have one," she said.
She added that when her father-in-law died, her husband asked her to give him N300,000 but she told him she didn't have that much and could only raise N120,000.
"I couldn't afford the N300,000 my husband asked me to give him, but I gave him N120,000 for his father's burial; but he didn't allow me attend the burial ceremony on the pretence that I didn't need to be there. He did this just to prevent me from running into his other wife and children, because he took them to the village for the occasion and he thought I wouldn't know," she said.
She asked the court to tell him to come and pack his things away from her house as she was tired of the marriage.
Pylons in his defence did not deny the allegations. He told the court that everything his wife said was true, and that he was guilty. He said he didn't mean to hurt her and begged her to forgive him.
He prostrated before his wife in court and said, "I didn't mean to impregnate the other woman; it was just that I needed to have a child with my wife and we couldn't produce one, so I went out to test my fertility, to know whether I was or was not fertile enough to have a child."
He added that he was ready to change his bad behaviour and take care of his wife, as he was ready to help her get a child spiritually, financially and even physically.
"I cannot even be sure or say that the other woman's children are mine because in my tradition, if a woman is not married to a man and she has children for him, the children are not considered his until a proper traditional marriage is done between them. It is my wife I love; she's the one I want to have a child with. Please, help me beg her," he said.
The court president, Mr. Godwin Awosola, told Pylons to seek God's intervention over his home, and ordered the duo to maintain peace and not utter abusive words to each other.
He adjourned the case till August 27, 2013.

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