Saturday, 17 August 2013

Soludo Lost: Aftermath Of Soludo's Disqualification, Ngige's Rating Rises

Since the news of Soludo's disqualification filtered in, the rating of Ngige has steadily been on the rise. From Facebook, twitter, internet forums, the name Onwa(as he is popualary called) has suddenly come alive again....

Then my questions are:
Has Peter Obi now inadvertently handed Ngige victory in the gubernatorial election?
Does it mean, all along Soludo has been the most popular candidate?
Has the death of APGA as a party just been officially announced?
Has Soludo just killed his chances by decamping to APGA?
What is the way forward for Soludo suppoters?
Can Ndi Anambra now give Ngige of APC a chance, if not for anything to spite Obi for toying with their preferred candidate?

Questions and Question! Politics is really, a dirty game cool cool cool

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