Wednesday, 27 November 2013

EXPOSED: Nigerian Girl In Russia Stri*ps In Protest Against Family Who Sent Her To Pro*stitution.

Imagine this young beautiful lady, Esther, (from Edo State) in the picture who was sold off into pro*stitution by her brother and mother. She now rebels against them by posting her unclad photos to facebook and threatening them to stop asking her for money else she will keep posting more of her photos there because despite the temptations she has gone through, her family keep asking for more money and not caring how she gets the money.
She wrote:
“It’s me Esther, please you people should stop pretending as if u don’t know who Esther is. Let me give you the last warning, stop interfering in my life. It’s none of your business. You ungrateful brothers, some one who helped turn me from good to bad. You people deceived me to turn against her. And it’s you good for nothing useless brothers collecting money from me all in the name of doing something shameful against her and yet nothing has been done for her and I’m passing through different kinds of temptation, yet you people are still asking me for more money. If u people don’t stop this, I, Esther will keeping posting my body on Facebook, because it’s my life brother not yours. Remember that on scores.”
This is one out of thousands of girls who is bold enough to fight back but she is doing it in the very wrong way. Only frustration and depression can lead one into this and I have tried getting in touch with her to see if I can be of help and I am yet to get her reply. I hope she replies me so I could help her the best way I can.
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She Release This VIDEO TOO

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