Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Afrocandy Releases More Photos; Attacks Nigerians & Bloggers for Criticizing Her [PHOTOS]


Please Madam how do you expect bloggers to appreciate you for making another man’s culture your way of life. What you are doing is called glorified pro*stitution and Nigerians don’t appreciate it’s citizen doing such....

Bloggers and Nigerian appreciate them (i.e Mariah Carey & Jennifer Lopez) for doing those things they do
because it is in accordance to their way of life and when they go off the hook, bloggers and Nigerians as a whole also talk about it negatively.
You talk about Mariah Carey & Jennifer Lopez like they are your match or like they are acting porn movies like you do or like they are destroying youths by creating porn sites like you and bragging about it.

Those women you call b**ches and claim are older than you are respectable and professional singers, who sing and produce good music and not that poor quality crap you call music.
I don’t think there is any Nigerian blogger that promotes any porn star be it foreign or local without an intention of mocking them, as such you don’t expect them to talk about you like you are a role model.

The above might sound personal but it is true analysis…If you want to be talked about positively, do what other reputable Nigerian Women are doing, like the most respected 52-yr-old female actress, 49-yr-old popular TV presenter then finally the 36-yr-old poet/writer(I just can’t stop listening to the track she was featured).

I am 200% sure you are reading this right now and it is in no way a reply to the Threatening Message you sent me(…sorry too busy to give you that satisfaction) but it is a way of correct the word Mental Slavery used in your post to describe Nigerians.
Bloggers and Nigerian’s are not stupid, neither are they kids…when they see what is good they appreciate and when they see what is bad, they condemn.


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