Monday, 16 December 2013

Bitter Truth About Blessed Virgin Mary Do You Agree?


People kept saying that, 'Catholics are worshipping Virgin Mary,' but I wants to prove them wrong.
* Firstly, we 'Catholics' are not worshipping Virgin mary, but instead, honouring her....

* Secondly, the holy bible made us to know in Luke 1:26-31 that the Arch-angel Gabriel visited Virgin Mary and greeted her saying, "you are full of grace, the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women and blessed in the fruit of your worm, Jesus." Please, which woman again in this world can an Angel greet with such respect. Angel Gabriel honoured Mary, because He delivered the message from GOD. so who are you not to honour her? Are you greater than an Angel of GOD?
* Can Jesus Christ dwell in an unholy body? No ofcourse! She(Mary) is the only woman whom GOD has choosen.
* In Revelation 12:1-18, there was a woman who was clothed by the Sun, the moon under her feet and twelve star as a crown. She was about to deliver a Son and the pain at child birth made her cry. There appeared a dragon, who wanted to kill her, but fail. At that time the Archangel Michael fought the dragon and defeat the it. What I wanted to bring out here is that during the birth of Jesus Christ. King Herod wanted to kill Jesus by killing all the children atleast 2yrs, thinking He kill Jesus, but He failed.
* Last, but not the least. Blessed Virgin Mary was Clothed by the Sun, the moon as foot-mat and 12 stars as crown. Waoh! That's great! Anybody that condems Catholics by saying we are worshipping Mary is so jealous, because no woman in that person's generations or generations to come, even grand, great, great-great-great-great-great-great-grand mother of that person combined together is as great as Blessed Virgin Mary.
We 'Catholics.' Our doctrines lies on mysterious teachings.' where ignorance, fools, pharisees and sadducees people can never understand. JESUS CHRIST teaches in parable, even His diciple couldn't understand Him, unless He explains it like ABC. So that is how Catholics are. You will keep on condeming Catholics until you know their mysterious teachings, then you will understand clearly. Thanks.


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