Monday, 30 December 2013

EXPOSED! Nollywood Actress Sochima Ezeoke Is Into Lesbianism BusinessWith Her Five Female Fans

Ezeoke Sochima, a nollywood upcoming actress that was romantically link to Duncan mighty, it was in the news last month that she was pregnant for Duncan mighty. Anyways the new gist is that she has been doing lesbian stuff with her fans who praises her and adore her....
The fans who are Sochima’s partners are: Daisy Okoti, Mary Baris, Sharon Chiamaka, Sophaia Chinasa and Dira.

Parents of Chiamaka found out that their daughter was a lesbian. Chiamaka was beaten up and she confessed. She mentioned  others in the lesbian act.
When Dira was quaried, she said that Sochima is their lesbian leader, that she made them to be her lesbian friends since she can’t do it with the ladies in the acting industry and don’t want it to be known to the public.

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  1. Its only on blogs like this we find such wicked slanders....News without credibility, authenticity, composure, good vocabulary, name them..... if Blogs were to be like twitter that gets verified, am so sure this ur burial ground called blog will never get verified forever. Gosh!!! I hate it when people hate for nothing instead of rejoicing...... A blogger i suppose should be full of wisdom, intellect and not wickedness to enable him/her discern information, before publishing... For once, you people should just free this innocent girl Gosh!!! The other time, you all accused her of being pregnant, next was she aborted the baby, now is she is into recruitment of lesbians(daft monsters); won't be surprise when u start publishing she masturbates, next ritual making(Ndi ara) Your hate can't pull down who God has blessed instead you keep taking her above the height God has elevated her already... Obviously people are already tired of your feeble news no wonder no one comments anymore(What a Shame)... This sword of downfall you send across an innocent person will definitely find its way back to your home to dwell forever with your unborn kids and generations to come.. You may never know the effect of what you are doing now until the NEMESIS beckons.... Don't say i didn't warn you all oooooo... Cease from this shabby and Repent... I warn you all for the umpteenth time...

    N:B:- Listen/read now all you hypocrite; Pot calling kettle Black, I LOVE SOCHIMA EZEOKE; what about that(jealous snitch like u all)??? Keep sailing my darling all in one bespoke packaged special friend... One hell of a Nigeria youth/actress that inspires me alot.. We your fans are solidly behind you no matter what. I Remain your No1 Fan...(Dedicating Unlimited By Psquare_ft_lagbaja to my WORLD PRICELESS INSPIRATION; Sochi'm)



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