Sunday, 15 December 2013

PHOTO: People Now Bath Nak*d At The Miracle “Healing” River in Enugu State


There's a pool in Israel in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem, called Pool of Bethesda, that is associated with healing..... In Nigeria, rumours of mystical/divine healing waters have been circulated ever since the news of the river in Nachi, a community in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State, became viral on the Internet.

Already named 'Orimiri Jordan'[River Jordan], it has become a pilgrimage centre of sorts, playing host to people from all parts of the country. The river which just “popped up” from no where is said to be nick-named “Pool of Bethsaida” and appears every 20 years, as confirmed by the indegenes, this year the pool was discovered by Fulani herdsmen who were on their way to feed their cattle.

According to them, they passed the spot where the water usually came from and there wasn’t any water, but on their way back they discovered the whole place has been covered with water.

The river which do appear once in 30yrs is said to possess “healing powers” and people do flock there once it appears. According to the oldest man in the community, the water appears every 20 or 30 years, they first saw it in 1971.

He also confirmed that various diseases and ailments have been cured at the pool. Most people who visited the area gave testimonies on how they received healing from the water. Pictures of the healing water is spreading real quick. See some of the pictures of people at the river in Nachi Udi Enugu state.

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