Tuesday, 17 December 2013

REVEALED: Secret Behind Michael Jackson’s Anti Gravity Bend And How It Works

In 1988, Michael Jackson on his video release of  ”Smooth Criminal” shocked all his fans by a move of more than 45 degrees towards the earth challenging the gravitational force of earth.  Actually, he was successful in doing that with the help of a string in the video....
But, It was difficult to apply this idea of string during live performances. So he found an amazing and idealistic solution of this problem with the help of his two friends.
He made his shoes cut in V shape. On the dance floor during a live performance, the bolts were hided which gets sticked to the heels of the shoes. With the help of this he used to bent more than 45 degrees without any problem.
People couldn’t see the bolts and used to enjoy Jackson’s dance a lot. Michael Jackson named those shoes “Anti Gravity Shoe” and in 1993 the shoe were patent.
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