Sunday, 19 January 2014

ADULTERY IN IMO STATE: Mother-Of-Two Str*pped Unclad, Sent Back To Father


Umuozu, Nwangele LGA, Imo State – A mother of two was stri*ped unclad and conveyed in a wheelbarrow to her father’s house for alleged involvement in adultery and causing her husband’s untimely death....

The young woman is a widow and a second wife to an indigene of Eshiukwu in Nwangele LGA. She was put in a wheelbarrow unclad with her two children, driven around villages, while youths chanted war songs. The woman was finally returned to her father’s compound in a nearby community known as Isiala.
The eyewitnesses said the woman was a well-known “serial adilteress” and was deeply involved in it “for material satisfaction.”
Apparently, the woman was caught fornicating just a couple of days after her husband’s death. Furthermore, she was accused of causing her husband’s untimely end. He died from a bloated stomach after suffering for months. The woman used the money she got from her s*xual partners to feed her family, which, according to the villagers, is a taboo.
The villagers allege she may have gotten into the mess due to poverty. One eyewitness confirmed that such act could send a man to an early grave, and blamed the woman for not paying her late husband any respect by going after her lovers shortly after the man’s demise.
Source: Vanguard

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