Friday, 10 January 2014

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY: MEET Majid Michel’s Wife, Virna & Beautiful Daughters [PHOTOS]

The popular light-skinned actor has revealed the faces of the 3 most important people in his life and they are his two beautiful daughters and his lovely wife....

Ghanian actor, 33, Majid Michel is married to a pretty half caste, Virna Michel and their first daughter Keira is 9-year-old while the second one named Zara is 5-year-old.

Aren't they lovely family?

Here are some of his personal quotes:
“People think I am a womanizer.”-Majid Michel

“I think the public will judge if stardom has gotten into my head.”-Majid Michel

“… I do well to interpret scripts to the best of my ability so even if I’m given a monster to play a love scene with, I will.”-Majid Michel

“As a child, I use to act with my sisters at home, we created our own scenarios and acted them out, we had great fun doing that.”-Majid Michel

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