Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cooking For Your Boyfriend In His House: Is It Right Or Wrong?


 Hi,peeps.I am presently in an argument with a group of friends about the moral value behind the act of a female who goes to visit her ''guy'' and then enters his kitchen to cook for him (even when his health is in perfect condition). Now,some of my friends argue that there is nothing wrong in the act,in fact,it is an avenue to exhibit her cooking skills.....

Others counter that it makes the guy loose some of his respect for her after a period of consistent cooking and caring(mind you,this is coming from a male ooo).

They go on to say that ''familiarity breeds contempt'',and that a guy looses interest if the girl seems too eager to please.

Now,i would really wish some OMOGIST readers would give me their HONEST opinion on this matter.

Babes,do you think it a big deal to go to your bobo's house and then cook for him?

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