Sunday, 26 January 2014

HILARIOUS: Wife Who Gave Husband Kidney To Save His Life Wants It Back After He Dumped Her!

41 years old loving wife Samantha who saved her husband's life by giving him one of her kidneys now wants it back after he dumped her....

Her husband Andy Lamb was dying of renal kidney failure and was only being kept alive by weekly sessions of dialysis until his wife Samantha persuaded him to take one of hers.

The 41-year-old mother-of-one told the Sunday People:

'He needed a new kidney or he would die. He was on dialysis three times a week. I told Andy he should go through with it. He had children from an earlier relationship and he wanted to be there for them.'

But Samantha says as soon as she went through with the operation she regretted it. She believed her
husband was cheating on her - first that he was having an affair with her friend Clare who she confronted and which Andy denies.

The couple tried to save their marriage and Samantha gave her husband one more chance but claims she later discovered he was having sex chats online with women.

The couple got married in 2007 but in 2012, Andy finally left his wife. Samantha said: 

'I would definitely go through the operation again - but I wouldn't give the kidney to him. I hate him. If I could, I'd take it back and give it to someone else.'

Andy however denies having an affair with Samantha's friend but admits walking out on her. He said: 

'I never wanted her to donate her kidney because it was a big risk. But she insisted and I'll always owe her my life'.
At the time of the operation Andy said: 

'Sam's doing all this for me and I'll never get over that. She is just amazing and fantastic. I could never put into words how I feel about this. If this happens she will have given me the gift of life.'

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