Wednesday, 22 January 2014

"Not Having Affair For 2 Years Feels Good" -Dencia Says In New Interview

The singer and businesswoman tells Encomium magazine

"Se'x is overrated and IT is for lovers who are trying to make babies. I am not trying to do so, it is not in my agenda. Not having s'ex for two years feels good. I am saving energy and mileage. I have better things to waste energy on. I want to wait till after marriage because I am not in a rush. Marriage is a commitment. I just don't see myself falling inlove, having sex and being both heart broken. I have never been heartbroken. I can't take a heartbreak..and men these days expect anything from them. To avoid heartbreak, if I meet any serious man we will meet the families, no sex for over six months, so in the process they might find out they don't like me so I can quit easily."

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