Friday, 10 January 2014

Obasanjo Finally Dumps PDP: Sends Letter to Tukur & Jonathan

When We reported last last year that President Olusegun Obasanjo is tired of the PDP just like many Nigerians are, some didn't believe. But alas! the deed is done and Baba Iyabo is out of PDP:

At a time we had thought that the season of controversy-stirring letters among political players, particularly key leaders in the country, is over, another bombshell has been released. And it comes from Obasanjo. 
The latest letter is not, as many may have expected, to the incumbent, President Goodluck Jonathan, but to Alhaji Bamanga Tukur the chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party to which he belongs. According to reliable sources, in the one-page letter written on Thursday, a copy of which was sent to the president, Obasanjo declared that he would cease to be a member of the party or participate in any political activities at any level.
His decision is hinged on what he described as the handing over of the authority of PD, in the South-West, and particularly, his home state, Ogun, to the chairman of PDP South West Mobilisation and Organisation Committee, Buruji Kashamu. 
Declaring Kashamu as unfit for any leadership post in the party, he described him as a drug baron who has cases to answer in the United States of America. The sources said the former president said with such a person as Kashamu in the leadership position of the party, he had no choice but to opt.

To buttress his point, Obasanjo was said to have attached some documents to prove his claim that Kashamu is indeed a drug baron. 
For now, it appears Obasanjo is happy with the APC due to the way its governor is developing Ogun State.

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