Saturday, 18 January 2014

President Jonathan Jumps 31 Generals To Make His Wife's "Relation" The Chief of Army Staff

With the way President Goodluck Jonathan is going with his "secret" ambition for 2015, it appears divine and all other forms of intervention will be required to save Nigeria from crisis in the months and years ahead....

A lot of meanings have been read into the appointment of Maj-Gen. Kenneth Minimah as chief of army staff by President Jonathan ahead of 31 top generals who are his seniors in the Nigerian Army and are fit for the job. Sources say Maj-Gen Minimah was appointed because of his 'connection' with Patience Jonathan.
“The appointment of Minimah is an ill-wind that blows into the face of the military. We have been crying out that the agenda of Jonathan is to name his kinsman the chief of army staff right from his days in Lagos Command but they said we were alarmists; now the hen has come home to roost. There are so many officers who are superior to Minimah; now what becomes of them?" these are the words of a top Army officer who knows all that is going on.
Of the top 31 generals who are seniors to Mag-Gen Minimah, 15 would be retired soon while 16 may be left to work under him, if the National Assembly cannot summon the courage to reject his nomination.

Since the announcement of what a top security person described as a wicked and selfish tsunami, uneasy calm has pervaded in most military formations.

Earlier this week, some Northern leaders at their meeting in Kaduna had revealed that President Jonathan is in the process of moving some military weapons from the North to the South(South) and with the new appoint of Maj-Gen Minimah, who is from Jonathan's wife axis in Rivers State, that may now be easy.
What the We wants to know is if National Assembly will allow a sentimental appointment to stand, knowing it could spell doom in the face of obvious facts. Is this how we should run a country? 

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