Sunday, 5 January 2014

SEE The Big Crocodile Caught Alive in A Posh Estate In Lagos

It is rare to find such wild animals roaming free in neighbourhoods, so Omole Estate, a posh residential estate in Lagos was recently thrown into a state of excitement when a crocodile was caught in the neighbourhood...

The animal, which some residents described as very large, became a spectacle at the estate gates, penultimate Sunday. For residents not used to seeing wild animals lurking in their neighbourhoods, the sight was scary.

The animal had earlier been caught by the estate’s security operatives around 2:00am on Omotunde Akinsola Street, after it strayed from a swampland at one end of the neighbourhood. It was said that three bullets shot at the animal did not kill it.

A resident living by the swamp where the animal was caught, who identified herself as Ogechi, said she heard three gunshots that morning, and had thought they were meant to scare away robbers.

“Now, there is a general fear in the area caused by the incident. It’s amazing finding such a wild animal around where people are living; I think it’s very dangerous because a crocodile should not be going about in a neighbourhood,” she told Punch.

Another resident, Aanu Oladapo, feared that there were more dangerous animals in the gated estate.
“I’d heard that such animals sometimes come out from the swamp but I never believed until now. I saw the crocodile live myself and it was really too big to be roaming a residential neighbourhood,” he said.
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