Friday, 17 January 2014

SHAME:Top Nollywood Actress Caught In Hotel Bedroom With A Married Man

News reaching me right now from my source who works somewhere  in one of the hotel in Victoria island lagos,stated that top nollywood actress was caught red handed with one of her top customers who also happens to be a married man . The man is said to be a regular visitor of the hotel ,with varieties of young girls....
The wife of the man who claimed she got a call from her cousin whose friend works in same hotel put a call through to her to come to the hotel right now, and behold what she saw was alarming. She pretended  to be the room service ,it was this top nollywood actress that appeared at the door when she knocked ,she was visited with a very hot slap on her pretty face.
The hotel and actress name is withheld until further information but i can describe the actress for you, maybe you can figure that out for yourself. The actress has won more than 2 movie award this year,she is kind of short,(average height)she is always rated has the most well dress of all the actress in nollywood. She is over 30 years of age,she has a good smile, she is fair in complexion and she is from the eastern part of Nigeria..
Am shocked myself when told who this actress was, she is a big girl in the industry . 
I wonder what she was doing with a married man,why can’t some of this actress allow our woman to enjoy their husband?

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