Saturday, 1 February 2014

How This Woman "Arrest" The Bad Guy Who Kidnapped Her

Tope Ismail was dashing to the market to buy some things. The market was a trekking distance to her house. But she was so much in a hurry; hence she flagged down and entered a bus. That was the last everyone saw of her. When Tope Ismail escaped from the kidnappers’ den four days after she was kidnapped for ritual purposes, her joy and that of her parents and well wishers knew no bound.
Days after she returned to the warm embrace of her family and friends, Tope was walking pass Sodeke Street in Somolu and noticed Paul, the driver of the bus that took her to the unknown dungeon. Paul, it was gathered, did not recognise the woman again. After she was convinced that the man before her was the driver of the bus that whisked them away, she then raised the alarm, yelling at the top of her voice.
Apparently realising that trouble was nigh, Paul reportedly took to his heels but the woman gave him a hot chase and still yelling at the top of her voice. Eventually, Paul was apprehended by passersby and law enforcement agents at Onipanu Police Station were called to the scene. Paul was later whisked away to the station.
She, however, never knew that her abductor would be apprehended and brought to book so soon. But, the man identified as Paul is currently in police custody helping the law enforcement agents unravel the alleged kidnap of Tope and about 10 others for ritual purposes.

The said Paul, whose neighbours claimed has no particular job, was said to have connived with some other men, now at large, to abduct Tope and other people for ritual. During the incident, she miraculously escaped from the kidnappers den and eventually found her way back to her Somolu, Lagos.

Tope, in a chat with reporters and investigators, claimed that all of the passengers in the vehicle were taken to a hideout and were welcomed by men with all kinds of charms all over their bodies. “When we all alighted from the bus, one of the ritualists used an object to touch our chests, but when he got to me, he became furious and angry.

"He shouted that they should return me back to where I was picked, saying my spirit does not fall in tandem with the purpose they wanted to use me for,” Tope said. Hence, she was let off the hook and she reportedly walked many kilometres in the bush before she eventually found her way to the main road where she begged commuters for rides until she got to Lagos.
Paul has been charged with kidnapping and stealing, but some of his neighbours are unhappy with the hurried charge against him, saying that the matter deserves further investigations so as to unearth his accomplice.

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