Sunday, 9 February 2014

"My Boyfriend Flogged Me With Wire Because I Slapped Him" [PHOTOS]

I'm a 19 year woman that has been in a relationship for 8 months with my boo, who is 34 years old. Every time my boo and I have a heated argument, I usually  slap him and then he would apologize to me, we'll then have make up sex. It's really the best time to have sex, make sense tinz. But 2 days ago he and I had our regular fights at his friends party because he was trying to collect one stupid girl's number. So while we were arguing, I slapped him in front of his friends and this guy didn't do anything till we got home. 
As I'm writing to you now, I'm at a local hospital close to my parents house because this bastard boy tied me to his kitchen door and flogged me with wire, because of a slap that used to make us have the best sex.
Libers this bastard man reads this blog, he as a matter of fact introduced me to it. Anyways he has been begging since yesterday. Should I forgive him or just fashy him. Heard once a beater always and forever a beater. advice me please because my parents have never flogged me with wire before. 


  1. Pls my dear go back to him ,slap him more so u get more of d sex , wire strokes ,who knows some stabs off d knife. idiotic girl

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