Sunday, 13 July 2014

2 Secondary School Girls Caught doing things in their Hostel

This is so embarrassing, especially to their parents.. These boarding females were caught on a Saturday morning engaging in a shady deal with each other.

The eye witness narrated; when everyone was busy with their morning Saturday chores, these 2 girls decided to stay inside claiming that they were tired to do anything, not knowing that they had plans.

So as soon as everybody went outside for the morning chores, these girls went to the dark extreme of the room and started doing their thing.

But unfortunately for them, one girl suspected them and trickishly sneaked inside the hostel just to know what these girls were up to and behold!! She caught them red-handed.. she quickly ran outside and told the other girls to go and see what was happening inside their hostel while she hurried and informed the school management. That was how they were caught and exposed.

No doubt, we all know that there are still lots of girls and boys who are involved in this kind of disgusting act, both in the school and neighbourhood.

They should better stop so as to avoid regrets later... maybe not now, but nemesis will definitely have its way oneday..

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  1. chai this one na comfirm lie\\\\
    so u guys can lie well well?
    if no be so then how do u get the picture while the who saw them first dint snap them?



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