Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Husband Caught his Wife Red-handed Doing Ashawo Job [SEE WHAT HAPPEN]

Some women are just to materialistic that they can do anything within their power to get what they want.

Mrs Jigba, a happily married wife and her husband has been married for 4years. And since then, Jigba has been a good husband.

Making sure that he provides for his family in all the possible ways he could. Not knowing that he wasn't satisfying his wife's insatiable desires.

So one day while he was at his shop, someone told him that the police caught wife engaged in ashawo business with some other women at a hidden joint in the street.

He was shocked, meanwhile Mrs Jigba had left for her own business where she sell fruits, not knowing it was just a decoy.

When the husband got to the station, it was his wife wearing a mini transparent clothes, all dressed like a runs girls.. he was really shattered that he could barely say anything.

He even went on to show them the injury that his wife gave him some days ago just because he told her that he didnt have money to buy her the luxurious things she was demanding.

The fake cheating wife, trying to defend herself said that; she was the bread winner in the family, that the husband could barely provide money for food not to talk of house rent and their children school fees.

That they weren't making much money from their businesses, so that was why she was forced to engaged in such a dirty deeds.

Well, it was really a bad decision for her because no amount of excuse can be used to justify her evil deeds...

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